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Qualifications for Membership in the Association of Wish Granting Organizations are:

a. To establish and maintain the highest standards of the wish granting process for the individual and her / his family;

b. To develop professional standards and ethical behaviors in all areas of program operations, fundraising and management;

c. To foster among new and existing members cooperation and the sharing of ideas and information in an environment of mutual support and respect:

d. To promote public trust in all communities through each member's commitment to the standards set forth by the association.

Additional qualifications for membership are:

Have a Compatible Member Purpose: Provide services in the granting of wishes or dreams to seriously, critically, chronically, terminally, or individuals with life threatening medical conditions (the "Member Purpose");

Be Registered as a Non-Profit Corporation: Be a non-profit corporation duly organized and in good standing under the laws of a state or territory of the United States of America, or other appropriate governmental jurisdiction;

Tax Exempt Organization Status: Be a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or other pertinent code, rule or regulation of the appropriate jurisdiction;

Non-Discriminatory Practice: Engage in all of its activities without regard to race, religion, political preference, ethnic, cultural or national origin, sex or similar basis;

Demonstrate Integrity and Effectiveness: Including administrative integrity, program effectiveness, fund raising efficiency, financial responsibility and accountability to donors through compliance with all local, state and federal laws:

Other Qualifications: Meet such other qualifications and requirements as the Association may require from time to time; i.e., submit requested paperwork in order to remain a member in good standing.

Members also agree to expend no more than 30% of their total annual expenditures on administrative and fundraising costs, thereby providing at least 70% of their total annual expenditures on programs and activities directly related to the fulfillment of wishes and dreams.

Many of our member organizations send children to meet their favorite celebrities. 

Below, Alicia asks country music singer Toby Keith, "Who's Your Daddy?"

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